On behalf of the Secretary of Veterans Affairs in recognition of a most significant contribution to the Specially Adapted Housing Program, Steve Behrends is commended for outstanding efforts in assisting... with the acquisition of an adapted home. The service provided by Bear Creek Design + Build clearly reflects an unselfish devotion to the task of fulfilling the nation’s responsibilities to its severely disabled veterans.

William J Kane
Director, Secretary of Veterans Affairs

Veterans & Adaptable Living in Colorado Springs

Disabled Veterans and Disabled Persons hold a special place in our hearts.  Our nephew is a disabled veteran and I have 2 sisters with limiting disabilities (one has dystonia and the other multiple sclerosis).

I know firsthand how accessible home modifications can make all the difference with independence and quality of life.

Grab bars, adjustable height sinks, and cooktops, pull-down cabinets, even elevators can all help your day-to-day living.  But have you thought about navigating that space?  A thoughtful floor plan takes into account how you will maneuver from room to room, task to task.

Thankfully the VA offers grants to qualifying disabled veterans to help defray some of these costs:


The easiest way to see if you qualify is to fill out the application. It can be difficult to ascertain if you qualify by just looking at the list of qualifications. So, DO NOT just look at the list of qualifications!

The VA Special Adapted Housing Agents recommend filling out the application to see if you qualify.  You can download the application here:  Veterans Grant Application.

For more information on qualifications:  VA Qualifications.

Available Grants


Specially Adapted Housing


(FY 2021)

Also called 2101a - provides financial resources for home modifications to make your home wheelchair accessible. It can be used to build a specially adapted home or to remodel a current home. You could also qualify for an additional $40,637 in TRA grants.

SHA Grant

Special Housing Adaptation


(FY 2021)

"offered to disabled veterans with qualifying service-connected medical issues. SHA can help these veterans buy, build, or modify a permanent residence or the residence of a qualifying family member where the veteran will live full-time." You could also qualify for an additional $7,256 in TRA grants.

HISA Grants

Home Improvements and Structural Alterations

$2,000 - $6,800

For more detailed information on the HISA grant, click here to download the application.

We work closely with the Veterans Administration

To help our disabled veterans with needed home renovations. Allowing you to live more comfortably in your home.

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