Within 5 minutes of seeing the space, Steve came up with a design that was perfect! For the first time in my life (and I suspect the last), I felt comfortable enough to do business based on a handshake!

Kevin Borr

Designing & Planning Your Build in Colorado Springs

Your home renovation project should always start with a good design and planning step. Without a solid plan to follow, it is all too easy to go over budget and miss deadlines. At Bear Creek Design & Build in Colorado Springs, CO, we put a lot of emphasis on our design and planning stage to ensure that we are fully prepared and knowledgeable about your vision. During the planning stage, we work with you to discuss and make decisions about all of the following:

  • Scope
  • Feasibility
  • The Structure that Will Work for Your Project
  • The Floor Plans
  • All Necessary Electrical Designs
  • The Plumbing Layout
  • Any & All Engineering Specs
  • All Necessary Materials
  • The Sizes, Colors, & Styles of the Finished Product
  • Projected Pricing

Before the Design Step

Before we get started planning your project, we want to make sure that we are a good fit for you. That is why we encourage every potential client to do their research. You should come into the primary consultation with a general idea of what will go into the project and approximately how much it will cost. However, you won’t be the only one doing your research.

Just a Phone Call Away

To get the ball rolling on your project, we ask that you send us your address and photos of the project area. Once we have received these, we will take the time to review the project, investigate what materials will work best, and gather as many specifics as possible. Then, we will schedule a phone consultation. During this consult, we will discuss all your needs and desires for the renovation or new build.

Our Design & Planning Package

When you are ready to start the planning step, you can purchase our Design Services Package (DSP). This usually costs 5% of the total projected cost of the project, but it will fully set you up for a successful build. With this package, you will own all feasibility, planning, and design documents. You have the rights to use these with any company you choose during the actual build. Of course, we would be honored to complete the whole process, but if you want to work with a different contractor, you will have all the detailed planning documents you will need.

The Start of the Build Phase

Once you have settled on Bear Creek Design & Build, we ask that you sign a Project Service Agreement, which will signal the start of the build phase. At this time, we will set a start date, give you access to your project portal, and introduce you to your project manager. We will also ask for a down payment before the start date and prepare a draw schedule. All draw schedule payments are due when project milestones are reached.

Then, we start the remodeling process, creating a dream space for you, your family, and your friends.

Build a Road Map for Your Home Remodel

Talk to one of our design specialists today. We are happy to discuss all of your plans.

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